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Photo by Markku Jaaskelainen at Espoo, Finland 1998

Photo by Markku Jaaskelainen at Kauniainen, Finland 1981

Photo by Markku Jaaskelainen at Kirkkonummi, Finland 1993

A sauna and laundry room for the crew.

Crew diner

This lorry is the powerplant for my funfair.
There are 4 9V outputs and 4 pneumatic outputs.
The yellow thing on the left is a pressure controller.
A small cylinder presses against a spring. These turn
an axle that is connected to a lego switch. When the
pressure is high enough the motor stops and when it gets
lower the motor starts again.

This is how I get the pressure air and
electricity to a revolving upper part of a ride.
The air goes in the middle and the only non-lego parts
in the air joint are a silicon hose and grease.

A horse transport and a sauna.